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About Darkwave Studios Written by Justin Dooley
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Darkwave Studios, a Mississauga, Ontario based app developer, was founded in 2007. - Driven by a passion to create great software, we strives to create outstanding, and easy to learn content that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Darkwave Studios is focused on developing handheld titles for the cellular market and IPhone based off of our original intellectual properties. We believe that with the growing popularity of smartphones, as well as the increasingly advanced technology being adapted to work in today's cellular devices, that there is no reason to limit innovation to PC 's.

Our team is comprised of 5 core individuals who trained together at the International Academy of Design and Technology Toronto: Justin Dooley, Jim Phy, Alex Merza, Mikyas Ayele, and Stuart Livermore. Creativity and quality have always been at the center of our studio’s philosophy. We are committed to bringing this philosophy, along with our expertise and experience forward with us into the future.

Xetrix Launch Written by Justin Dooley
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Awakened after two thousand years of stasis, you find your starship lost in space, with your crew still in stasis and your brother missing. Now you need to figure out what's happened, and the fate of the ship, passengers, and your mission lies in your hands.

As you embark on your journey you will be confronted with one puzzle after another, while you move through the galaxy and scavenge for fuel to power your ship. As you progress and the challenges get ever more cruel, you'll also unlock new tools, like sophisticated targeting gear to help you along your way.

Xetrix is fantastic for anyone who wants to to experience a whole new breed of brain-twisting puzzles as they traverse the galaxy.

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